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Chicken korma in White Gravy

Chicken korma in White Gravy



    Adjust Servings:
    500 Gms
    4 Tablespoons
    For Tampering
    For White Gravy
    1 Inch
    10 Cloves
    2 Teaspoons
    2 Tablespoons
    1 Tablespoon
    10 Soaked
    1/2 Cup or 100 ML
    1/2 Cup
    1 Tablespoon
    To Taste


    • For Tampering

    • For White Gravy



    Hey my fellow food lovers!! Weekend is here and so are we . The recipe we are sharing today is the best way to indulge yourself . This chicken korma in white gravy is creamy , delicious and flavorful. Let’s begin….

    Step 1
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    Start with putting ginger,garlic,green chilly , sesame seeds and almond or cashews in a blending jar. Add some milk and make a smooth paste. Now add the remaining milk and onions in a blending jar and grind into a smooth paste.

    Step 2
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    Now heat the oil in a skillet and add all the whole spices ( dry red chilly, green cardamom and cinnamon stick) to it. Let them crackle then add the chicken pieces and mix well . Cook it till the chicken starts to get roasted and there are golden brownish spots on it.

    Step 3
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    Now add the onion and milk puree to the skillet and mix thoroughly. Cook it for 5 minutes.

    Step 4
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    Time to add the ginger- garlic and nuts paste to the gravy and mix evenly. Now add salt , coriander powder, white pepper powder and garam masala to the skillet and mix well. Cook the chicken till the gravy starts to get thick and starts sticking to it.

    Step 5
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    It's time to add the yogurt to the gravy and mix well . Now let it cook till the yogurt gets cooked and dissolves in the gravy . At this time the gravy would start to get thick again .

    Step 6
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    Check the chicken if it's cooked properly then switch off the gas stove . It's time to serve the creamy chicken korma and enjoy with your family and friends. Hope this recipe comes out great for all of you .

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