Homemade Hot Cocoa Milk ☕☕

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Homemade Hot Cocoa Milk☕☕
Hey dear fellow food lovers!!! What can be a better way to start the day with a Cup of Hot Cocoa Milk . Today we are sharing an easy and delicious Hot Cocoa Milk recipe which you can enjoy at the comfort of your home. Hope you all like it...
  1. Whisk in Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Salt & 2 Tbsp of milk in a Pan.
  2. Boil it on medium flame until the sugar & Cocoa Powder gets dissolved.
  3. Add rest of the Milk and heat it on medium flame stiring occasionally until hot. (Do not boil it just heat it)
  4. Turn off the flame, Add Vanilla Extract and serve hot.
  5. You can also blend it in the blender to make it frothy.

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