Chicken – Corn & Mushroom Soup (Indian Style) :- (Healthy Recipe)

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Chicken - Corn & Mushroom Soup (Indian Style) :- (Healthy Recipe)
Hello and welcome my dear fellow food lovers from the team of curriestocustard , we are so glad that you found us. Today we are sharing a recipe which is perfect if you are craving some thing delicious and healthy .This Chicken - Corn & Mushroom Soup is an Indian style mildly spiced recipe . Very beneficial if you are down with Flu due to weather changes . Do try our version of this healthy and Delicious recipe and share your thoughts. So Let's get started. ..
  1. Start with heating the Cooking oil in a deep pan or pressure cooker
  2. Then add crushed Ginger- Garlic into it. Cook it for 20 seconds .
  3. Add the Sliced Onions and cook till it starts to get translucent in color.
  4. Now add sliced Mushroom into the pan and mix well . Cook for 2 to 3 Minutes .
  5. Time to add the Chicken pieces into the pan and mix thoroughly . Cook it for 5 minutes .
  6. Now add the Pieces of Corn Cob and mix well .
  7. Cook everything for 5 minutes.
  8. Add Turmeric , Red Chilly Powder , Salt and Garam Masala into the pan and mix well . Cook for 2 minutes .
  9. Now add the chopped tomatoes abd mix.
  10. Let it cook for 3 to 4 minutes.
  11. Time to add Water to it as per your preference . You can increase or decrease the quantity of water .
  12. Now if you are cooking it in a pressure cooker then at this point you can put on the lid and let it Cook till two whistles . Or else let it come to a boil then reduce the flame to low and let it simmer till the chicken gets soft in texture .
  13. Now switch off the gas stove and let the pressure cool down .
  14. Time to serve this delicious Chicken - Corn & Mushroom Soup . This soup is Wholesome just the way it is . However , If you like you can enjoy this Soup by dipping some Bread in it or by adding some Hot Rice. .
  15. Please do try making this Chicken - corn and mushroom soup and share your thoughts with us. We Hope that this recipe comes out great for all of you. Thank you and stay tuned until we meet again .namaste

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