Imli or Gudd ki Chatni (Tamarind and Jaggery Dip)

October 5, 2018 Archana Tiwari 0

Hey Fellow food lovers !! Hope you are doing great . In our today’s menu we have an Indian Chatni (Condiment) without which no Street food, Snacks or Starter is complete. It the Sweet & Sour Imli and Gudd Chatni . It’s a great taste enhancer and widely made in festive times in Indian households.So lets get started ….

Oat meal with dates and fruits (No sugar – healthy)

October 4, 2018 Archana Tiwari 0

Hey my fellow food lovers!! Hope you are doing good. We are ready with a recipe which is low in calories and extremely high in energy. It’s healthy as we are using natural sugar to sweeten it up. Eat it any time of the day as it’s really light on stomach and guilt free. Let’s begin

Sev Tamatar ki sabzi (Sev Tomato curry)

October 2, 2018 rabicwi 0

Today we are going to prepare curry with Sev, Tomatoes and other spices. Sev is a popular Indian Snack basically made with Gram Flour, carom Seeds & Turmeric deep fried in oil to form crispy Noodles type texture.
It is also used in preparing many Indian snacks.
Hope you like it…..

Khoya Coconut Barfi

September 28, 2018 rabicwi 0

Coconut Barfi is a simple recipe traditionally made with reduced Milk(Khoya), Sugar and desiccated Coconut.There are many methods to make Coconut Barfi such as barfi […]